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Transitioning to a Successful Self-Employed Estate Agent

Gamze Fackelmann’s journey into the world of self-employed estate agencies is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and our recruitment agency’s commitment to supporting ambitious professionals. This case study outlines how we facilitated Gamze’s transition, helping her start a new and exciting chapter in her career.

About Gamze Fackelmann

Gamze Fackelmann is a highly educated and driven professional with two master’s degrees, including an MBA in Marketing. Her analytical thinking and problem-solving strengths make her a formidable force in the real estate industry. Gamze is committed to helping her clients achieve the best price for their properties through advanced marketing techniques and exceptional service. Her approach includes:

  • I am crafting customised and data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Utilising targeted social media campaigns, direct mail marketing, strategic pricing, 3D virtual tours, and professional photography and videography.
  • We provide top-notch service and clear communication, ensuring a smooth, stress-free real estate experience.


Despite her impressive credentials and skills, Gamze faced challenges transitioning to a self-employed model. The primary obstacles included:

  • Building a client base from scratch.
  • Establishing a brand and online presence.
  • Navigating the logistics of operating as an independent agent.

Our Approach

Our recruitment agency was pivotal in addressing these challenges and ensuring Gamze’s successful transition.

We leveraged our extensive network and connected Gamze with The Property Experts in Northampton. Their model fits Gamze well and would help her with client acquisition and referral partnerships.

It was pretty much plain sailing once they started speaking to each other. We only work with models that have the agents’ best interest at heart and select agents who have the right mindset, so we ensure that this process is always smooth. 


Gamze Fackelmann’s success story highlights the impact of tailored support and strategic planning in transitioning to self-employment. Our recruitment agency is proud to have played a role in her journey, providing the necessary tools and resources to help her thrive. 

The review below is a testament to that, and we are delighted that Gamze had a great experience and that we helped her find the perfect opportunity to start her new journey as a self-employed estate agent. 

Another #RealEstateAgent success story. 

Contact us if you want to start a career in real estate. We are helping people up and down the UK begin rewarding careers in the ever-growing self-employed estate agency world. 

Vesta Recruitment - Case Study Gamze Fackelmann

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