Welcome to Vesta Recruitment, where we specialise in placing the best talent in the right businesses. But our mission goes beyond merely finding skilled individuals—it’s about forging perfect matches between people, businesses, and roles exactly when they’re needed most.

At Vesta, our ethos revolves around three core values: Relationship, Reputation, and Recommendation. We don’t just aim to be recruiters; we aspire to be trusted partners who consistently deliver exceptional results.

How do we achieve this? Through unwavering professionalism, expertise, and support. With over 50 years of combined experience in the recruitment and employment sector, and over a decade focused specifically on the property industry, the Vesta team is committed to fulfilling your requirements. Whether you’re searching for your next opportunity in the property sector or seeking top talent to propel your business forward, trust Vesta to navigate you through every step of the journey.

We specialise in sourcing and advising clients and candidates who are ready to transition from employed status to the thriving self-employed agent market. Our pride stems from collaborating with some of the UK’s most prestigious brands and boasting a track record of launching some of the country’s most successful agents.

At Vesta, we comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities that come with embracing self-employment in the agent market. Our expertise and personalised approach ensure that both clients and candidates are primed for success in this dynamic field.

Whether you’re a business seeking top-tier talent or an individual eager to make your mark in the self-employed agent realm, trust Vesta to steer you towards unparalleled success. Welcome to a partnership that’s dedicated to your prosperity.

What our Client's Say

‘The team at Vesta Recruitment were brilliant. I would highly recommend them. I was completely impressed with their professionalism throughout my process of being employed. Thank you Susan!
‘Louise Owen provided me with all the support and information needed to be fully prepared for my recent job interview.

I was continually updated throughout the process and received guidance and encouragement which ultimately lead me to receiving an offer, that I was happy to accept.

For me the whole process was stress free and I can't thank the Vesta Recruitment team and Louise.

Susan Mack - Director


Arun Estates
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